The question many ask is how old UKraine (Old Ukrainian) brides are considered eligible to marry. The answer is complicated. There is no legal age as such. But it seems that more than half of those who apply to marry do not actually meet the minimum marrying age in the UK, let alone the wider European Union.

There are several reasons behind this. Many of these (if not most) are cultural and have nothing to do with age. Many older women seeking a Western husband are often from ex-repatriate homes where culture is all but forgotten. Some women are simply unwilling to adapt to life here in the UK and want to go back to their roots. And some may be involved in crime or have some serious issues, which would make them unacceptable in a modern marriage.

It is not surprising that older women are reluctant to discuss such issues in public. Most live in fear of what others will say or think. They are often widows or already have other children. The last thing they want is someone else coming along in their life to replace them.

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So how old does a Ukrainian lady have to be before she can be called old? The age of majority in the UK is 55. But some women still try to claim they are older. Sometimes it is simply a matter of common sense. When it comes to marriages in many parts of the world, an older woman is deemed to be older even though she may still be younger in age by another two or three years. So in the UK, old Ukrainian brides can claim to be older than their actual age.

There are several reasons why older women choose to wed older men. It may be so she can have a child earlier or it may just be a way for her to get some older Ukrainian men, whom she already knows to be loyal and loving. Whatever the reason is, older brides often do not consider this when they get married. Some of these women are widows who are widowed already and have no interest in starting a family.

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Many of the older Ukrainian brides have been brought up in a culture where marriage is a social contract and not a legal contract. They usually get married young and are already mature by the time they are considered old. This means they are already parents and are unlikely to be interested in tying the knot with anyone younger than their own age. Many older women prefer to get married in their late twenties. Sometimes they get married to older men who are already in their fifties.

In fact, many of these older women have a hard time figuring out what to do with their lives once they reach a certain age. Often, they find it difficult to move on, because even though they love their husbands, they feel that the relationship has come to an end. A good number of these brides want to continue to live in an older culture and to raise their children as older women. While they might not always want to consider getting remarried, they definitely are open to it if the right man comes along.


As you can see, there are many reasons why older Ukrainian women wed younger men. However, none of them have to do with the old Ukrainian superstitions about evil old women and black magic. Many of these women are simply independent, mature women who are seeking a serious relationship. When you consider the many options that are available to Ukrainian brides, older women should not have a problem finding a husband to marry.