As far as education and intellectual abilities, there is no contest between Russian girls and American girls. Both are brilliant students, both are full of charm and can charm their way through any crowd, including men! However, there is one clear winner when it comes to having more “brains” than the other: the Russian girl.

Russian girls can beat American women at chess. They can also beat Russian women in reading and in music. The reason is that they know how to use their brain more. On the other hand, American women can claim that they have the most beautiful and attractive faces. For them, beauty comes first.

In many ways, a person’s physical appearance is what gives a person confidence. If you look much worse than the majority of your friends, then you will feel much worse about yourself. However, many men are insecure about their appearance and Russian girls vs American girls provides a chance to test just that. There are some differences between the way men feel about their appearance and how Russian women in American girls feel about their appearance, however.

American Women Vs Russian Women: Who Should You Date?

Women from Russia have a completely different point of view when it comes to beauty. These women believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and not in the features of a person. This is why Russian women dating Americans often have glasses, have long hair and are dressed very formally. Many Americans find this to be very ‘needy’.

Russian women are known for their loyalty. You may have heard of the old saying that a Russian woman is a hundred percent loyal to her husband. A Russian woman is also very loyal to her family and will do whatever she can to ensure that they are happy. This is why many Russians vs Americans end up getting involved in a serious family business. When a Russian woman gets married, she expects to be treated very well.

Unlike western women, many American girls do not look towards marriage as the answer to relationship problems. Marriage, for them, is usually considered to be a temporary measure until they can find a man who can fulfill all their sexual desires. By contrast, many Russian women see marriage as a way of establishing an independent lifestyle for themselves. They are much easier to date if they are not quite sure that they have much to offer any man. For example, it is much easier for a Russian woman to take on a boyfriend than it is to get involved in a serious relationship with one.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Russian girls tend to be more attracted to younger men. This does not mean, however, that older women are out of their minds. Many older American women tend to date younger men because they think that younger men will better understand their needs. However, Russian women take much more pride in their appearance than older ladies. As a result, it is much easier for Russian ladies to find men who are more attracted to them due to their good looking appearances.

More Reasons To Date Russian Or American

It must also be noted that Russian women do not consider themselves to be feminist. On the contrary, many of them have a rather distorted view of what true feminism is. For example, many American women argue that men who have a firm sex drive are not truly feminist. On the other hand, many Russian women consider feminism to be unnecessary and obsolete.

In order to be able to attract a Russian woman, an individual would have to understand her culture very well. Russian culture is known for its focus on family life. As a result, many Russian girls prefer to date American men who are not committed to a wife and child. On the other hand, many American girls are much less willing to date a man who is not already married. It should be noted that most men who are married are not truly committed to their wives and children.

The overall opinion that dating Russian women should be easier is a matter of opinion. Most men who date Russian women say that it was the easiest way for them to learn about another culture, while other women view it as being slightly harder. Of course, most men prefer the easier way, but if you are willing to put in the effort, there is no reason why you should not find dating as easy as American women do.


There are a variety of reasons why Russian dating can be more difficult than dating western women. Some people say that the cultural differences between Russian women and western women are what make it more difficult. Of course, there are some aspects of both cultures that can be difficult for someone from the United States to understand. However, the internet makes finding dating sites much easier for all types of people. If you want to get to know another person from a foreign country, you might want to consider looking for a dating site.