With the popularity of Odessa as a romantic destination of Ukraine, you can now enjoy a romantic journey in Odessa together with your soul-mate. The charming and lively city of Odessa attracts millions of tourists every year. This romantic town is located on the Black Sea coast and has many attractive landmarks and magnificent views. Tourists from all around the globe come to Odessa to witness the wonderful beauty of this romantic place.

Why You Should Take Romance Tour

There are many fascinating places to see and things to do in Odessa. You can have a comfortable and memorable journey if you avail one of many Odessa tours available online. Choose any of these three Ukraine romance tour packages offered by online travel agency:


A truly historical city, Kiev is world famous because of its splendid monuments, amazing architecture and wonderful museums. This romantic tour takes you to a different view of city life. You will have the opportunity to shop in Kiev and have delicious traditional food with your partner. Just make sure you book the Kiev flights from leading Ukraine romance tour agency.


It was the Russian empire which turned Odessa into a beautiful market town. Now it has turned out to be a romantic destination for European couples. There are many attractive places you can visit and spend your couple of days together in Odessa. Here you can enjoy a stroll on the picturesque beaches, visit the classical art museums and take part in the colorful festivals. Odessa attracts a huge number of tourists throughout the year.


The second largest city of Ukraine, Kharkov is also visited by lovers from all over Europe. It is a place where you can find historic churches, fantastic architecture, world-class restaurants and luxurious hotels. One of the most famous and popular tours operator offers romantic Odessa tours with return journey to Kharkov. If you are getting tired of Kiev, then you should book one of these Odessa-Kiev tours.

Samotlii offers many interesting things for couples on their Odessa-Kiev romantic tours. First of all, if you want to enjoy your trip, then it is recommended that you register with one of the many travel agents and tour operators of Samotlii region. They offer several packages, which include not only luxury hotels and Odessa flights, but also complete Odessa visit and tours packages. When you book a package, make sure that you get to enjoy the delicious food of Samotlii along with the unique culture and night life of Odessa. Some of the popular packages offered by travel agents include excursions, visits to art galleries, afternoon tea with Russian ladies, shopping tours, wine tasting tours and so much more. This will definitely make your Odessa-Kiev travel and dating tour truly romantic!


If you are looking for the ideal place for getting away, then one of Odessa’s romantic spots is Saint Nicholas’ Cathedral. The cathedral is built in the old Roman style, and you will definitely appreciate the artistic features of the building. Besides, you can also try visiting other parts of Odessa such as Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Seleucid (Byzantine Emperor) and Hristos Church. All these places are visited by thousands of visitors every day, and the majority of them are attracted by Odessa’s stunning architecture, charming people, and fascinating history. Thus, a Ukraine romance tour would make your Odessa Kiev vacations more unforgettable!